Packaging and Labeling

Expert Packaging & Labeling Translation Services in Dayton, OH

Reach More Potential Customers

The information on a package or label is the first thing someone will read when looking at your product. The details and language on the packaging needs to be clear and engaging. In order for your product to have the largest reach, package and label translation is a necessity. LinguaTech employs a team with experience in packaging and labeling translation services so that you can expand your product’s target audience. 

Product Packaging Translation

At LinguaTech, we partner with you from start to finish so that we understand your product at a core level. This allows us to provide the most accurate translation when it comes to translating the packaging and labeling of your product. When you hire LinguaTech, you can be confident in the quality of your packaging and label translations on every project because we use experts who are native speakers of the language.

Package & Label Localization

Our team ensures that your translation is region and country specific. These localization efforts take idioms and regional variations into consideration. Your message and product deserve the most accurate translation, which is made possible when you choose LinguaTech.

Here are just a few of the products we’ve helped translate:

  • Electronic Products & Gaming
  • Small Appliances
  • Household Items
  • Food Labels (Includes Coffee, Tomato Cans, Tomato Sauces, Dog Food, Protein Bars, Vegetarian and Vegan Products)
  • Garment Parts, Textiles & Label Care
  • Specialty Clothing & Gear for Sports/Fishing Stores

I am a long time client of LinguaTech, having changed companies since I started working with their team, I knew I wanted to continue working with them at my new employer. I had our company switch to LinguaTech, as they have brought expedient service, cost-effective translations and an excellent team not to mention working with a translator in the same time zone has helped tremendously for last minute requests.

L. Shenk | Manufacturing – Baby Products, Car Seats & Strollers

I have worked with LinguaTech for more than 15 years on a variety of customer projects ranging from packaging and product documentation to guidelines, training materials and more. Their attention to detail is phenomenal and service level extraordinary. They are friendly, helpful and extremely reliable. They are also cost-efficient, providing a great value. I highly recommend LinguaTech as a translation partner.

Liz R. | Consulting & Strategic Marketing