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Marketing and Communication Translation Services in Dayton, OH

Customized Marketing Translations

When you hire LinguaTech for your marketing and communication translation needs, you are making sure that your company has a wider reach so you that you can effectively connect with your target audience. We specialize in French and Spanish marketing materials and have translated advertising materials from radio spots to press releases and everything in between. Whether you are a new company or have been in business for decades, we partner with you so that we completely understand your voice and message. We have provided marketing translation services for the following materials:

  • In-store Signage 
  • Radio Spots 
  • Web Feature Copy
  • Facebook Posts and Digital Ads
  • Brochures, Leaflets and Other Marketing Collateral
  • Press Releases 
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Move Your Company into the Global Market

When trying to reach new audiences, effective communication is key to grabbing their attention. With marketing translation services from LinguaTech, you’ll be able to expand your company’s message to reach even more people. With so many businesses moving into the international market, there is a pressing need for products to be marketed in multiple languages. Have even more confidence in your product by hiring the team at LinguaTech.

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Marketing & Communication Localization

Make sure your marketing translations are localized so that they are clear and effective no matter the target audience. At LinguaTech, we have a team with diverse backgrounds in every major language so we understand the different nuances that a language can have. This is why our team goes above and beyond to ensure that all of our translations are region and country specific to ensure quality on every project. Your message and product deserve the most accurate translation, which is made possible when you choose LinguaTech.

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LinguaTech is an extremely reliable resource for our company. Translations are produced on a timely basis, meeting or exceeding deadlines. The team at LinguaTech has extensive knowledge of their respective languages and they research every scenario in order to provide an accurate final document. Our company has seen growth that LinguaTech has matched.

M.S. | Manufacturing – Flexible Packaging

I had a short window to receive a translation for a project and with the help of LinguaTech, I was able to meet my deadline on time. Not only are they reliable, they are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond to give the best service.

Emily N. | Marketing