High Quality Spanish Translation Services

We employ native Spanish speakers to provide expert Spanish translations in Dayton, OH for all of your products and services.

Our Spanish Translation Services Include:

Software Localization

We adapt the language of your software for specific Spanish speaking countries and regions.

Website Translations

Building a site and need the content translated to Spanish? LinguaTech has you covered for all of your Spanish website translation needs.

Marketing, Technical and Corporate Communications

We provide Spanish Translations for all of your technical, marketing, and corporate communication needs. We also have the resources to translate copy from Spanish into English if you are wanting to reach English speakers.

Editing & Proofreading

If you already have a document written in Spanish and just need another set of eyes to look over it, look no further than LinguaTech.

Video & Audio Voiceovers

Our team provides translation services for voiceover scripts and subtitles for any media you have for your company. Whether it’s a commercial transcript or subtitles for a company video, our Spanish experts have you covered.

Project Consulting

LinguaTech partners with you the entire project, providing cultural consulting and orientation. We will also team up with you to find cost-effective ways to get your project translated to keep your overhead low so that you can manage your translation budget.

Connecting You to the World Through Language

About Us

LinguaTech is a proud women-owned and operated translation company located in Dayton, OH. We employ an expert team with diverse backgrounds in all major languages and have been providing quality translation services for over 35 years. We believe in creating relationships with our clients instead of viewing our work as individual transactions. As a result, many of our clients have become lifelong customers. In order for us to do our job, we work to understand your message and product. We will always take the time to speak with you about your business and objectives. When it comes to language services, our experience is your advantage.


When you hire LinguaTech, you’re hiring a team that will partner with you from start to finish to ensure that your message is clear and that it effectively reaches your target audience. We offer a full suite of professional translation services including proofreading, editing, and full translation. Translating your projects means reaching a larger audience, which translates to more potential customers. Let LinguaTech help you connect to the world.

Acerca de nosotros

LinguaTech es una empresa de traducción adquirida y dirigida por mujeres, ubicada en Dayton, Ohio. Empleamos un equipo de expertos con diversos orígenes en los principales idiomas y hemos estado proporcionando servicios de traducción de alta calidad durante más de 35 años. Favorecemos las relaciones con nuestros clientes donde cada intercambio es una colaboración y no una transacción.  Por estas razones, hemos desarrollado relaciones de por vida con la mayoría de nuestros clientes. Para poder hacer nuestro trabajo, trabajamos para comprender su mensaje y su producto. Siempre nos tomaremos el tiempo para hablar con usted sobre su negocio y sus objetivos. Cuando se trata de servicios lingüísticos, nuestra experiencia es su beneficio.


Al contratar LinguaTech, está contratando un equipo que se asociará con usted desde el principio hasta el final para asegurar que su mensaje llegue con claridad y efectividad al público destinado. Ofrecemos un paquete completo de servicios de traducción profesional que incluye la traducción, la revisión y la edición completa de documentos. La traducción de sus proyectos significa llegar a una mayor audiencia, lo que se traduce en una multiplicación de clientes potenciales. Permíta que LinguaTech sea el enlace de comunicación que le ayude a conectarse con el mundo.

Expand Your Presence With Professional Spanish Translation

Don’t Let your Message Get Lost in Translation

Our team works tirelessly to make sure that your message doesn’t get lost in translation. As native speakers, our team understands that Spanish translations must be localized to specific regions, which is why we seek to provide the most direct language in describing your product.

Reach a Larger Audience

For clients in the United States, translating your business into Spanish is a must. After Mexico, the United States has one of the largest concentrations of Spanish speakers in the world. Translating your products into Spanish means reaching a larger audience, which translates to reaching more potential customers.

Our Experience, Your Advantage

I work in a highly-regulated industry and have an almost constant need for translation to Spanish and French for new products and for revision to current products based on engineering updates or regulatory changes. I’ve worked with numerous translation providers in my twenty-plus years in manufacturing and the level of quality workmanship and customer service provided by LinguaTech far surpasses some of the bigger companies I’ve done business with. The owners are approachable and are always willing to work with you. I highly recommend LinguaTech for your personal or professional translation needs.

John K. | Manufacturing – Baby Products, Car Seats & Strollers

I’ve worked with LinguaTech for more than 7 years and have been very pleased. The process is always smooth, quick and accurate. In one case, they handled a complex translation project for our Yale Health Systems client, which involved 18 languages. They met Yale’s high standards, and never missed a beat. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Dennis G. | Marketing

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