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About Us

LinguaTech International was founded by Gabriele Coder in 1985 in Englewood, Ohio and has been providing quality language translation services ever since. From the very start, LinguaTech has been committed to establishing long-term partnerships with clients by delivering consistent excellence. Today, LinguaTech is still a women-owned and operated translation agency in Dayton, Ohio led by the new proud owners, Anna-Maria Conte and Marie-Pierre Conte. These dynamic sisters pride themselves in offering personalized services tailored to their clients’ needs. We are also proud members of the American Translation Association (ATA).

We have a 30-year track record of successful translations in various fields and industries, and we offer reliable translation and localization services delivered quickly to meet your needs.

Building Relationships That Last

Anna-Maria and Marie-Pierre have over 25 years of experience translating and editing in various fields for major corporations and smaller companies including the high-tech retail sector and a large health authority. Having worked in a high-paced production environment, as well as teaching French to our future generations, they are very adaptable, proactive, enthusiastic and approachable. Anna-Maria and Marie-Pierre grew up trilingual in French, Spanish and English, which gave them a passion for language and how it connects different cultures and people. They enjoy travelling, cultural activities, cooking and sampling food from various countries.

Combining their business, project management, translation and education backgrounds, they have the perfect blend of skills to build upon the personalized service that has been the cornerstone of LinguaTech’s success. Anna-Maria and Marie-Pierre have lived in North America (Canada and the United States) for most of their adult lives but spent their youth in Latin America, Asia and Europe. They currently live in Dayton, Ohio and are enjoying their new home and community.

As owners of LinguaTech, Anna-Maria and Marie-Pierre are investors in the success of their clients and believe in establishing partnerships built on trust, which has helped lead to many lifetime customers. They seek to creatively serve the clientele of LinguaTech and are passionate about finding personalized solutions that are tailored to your needs.

It’s a source of real pride that many of our
original clients are still with us.

If you would like to work with Linguatech, do not hesitate to contact us.